Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Returns

What is your shipping policy?

Orders generally take about 4-8 business days from placement to arrival. A breakdown of the order/shipping process can be found below.

Orders are processed within 1-2 business days after being placed. From there, shipping times can vary slightly based on geographic location, but typically should arrive between 2-6 business days after leaving the warehouse (for standard shipping, expedited shipping arrangements will apply as selected).

How is your return process?

Unworn (tried on is ok!) and unwashed items are eligible for a full refund + free return shipment within 30 days of order placement.

After 30 days and before 60 days of order placement, returned orders are eligible for store credit. After 60 days of order placement, items may not be returned or refunded.

If you have an item that you would like to return or exchange, please reach out to one of our customer champions at

Product-related Questions

Do the items run big, small or true to size?

Sizing in children’s clothing can range substantially from brand to brand. We sized our clothing with the intention of being as true to size as possible. That being said, our fabric starts out more fitted because it has a ton of stretch and molds to the size of the baby. If a looser initial fit is desired, we recommend sizing up.

For a complete size chart click hereIf there is a discrepancy between height and weight using the chart, use height as a more accurate guide, as the fabric stretches. 

What is meant by “reverse stitch method”?

A standard seam folds over from the outside in, where the edge is then stitched. This keeps the clean, smooth hem on the outside where it can be seen, but puts the rougher, raw fabric edge on the inside against the skin. Our top concern is baby’s comfort. So instead, we fold over the hem from the inside out. That way the clean, smooth seam is against the skin. Making baby more comfortable.

What is meant by “be free” design?

Too often the neck, wrist and ankle openings on baby clothing is either too constricting or has a fabric cuff that may offer some stretch but comes with raw edge inner seams and often a thick, uncomfortable band.

On our products you will find that the openings have a thin, reverse stitch hem that has amazing stretch, not only because of Modal’s inherent stretchiness, but also because we’ve used thread that also offers elasticity. These features keep the garments on snug, but are much easier to get on and off. 

Isn’t certified organic material better for babies?

When using cotton, being certified organic is important, because the yarn is spun from an exposed plant that is absorbent in nature. Therefore, if any pesticides or harsh chemicals were to touch the plant, they could be transferred to the yarn.

With a fabric like Modal, the yarn is spun using pure wooden chips from beech trees. These trees are generally not grown with pesticides because of their resilience, but furthermore the part of the tree from which the yarns are spun does not have the porous nature of an exposed cotton plant.

Where are your products made?

All of our products are designed and overseen by our creator in New York City. From there, our fabrics and materials are globally sourced, and the products are produced by a GOTS certified factory in China.

GOTS guarantees the highest ethical, social and environmental standards. Learn more about GOTS and why it's important here.

How can I contact you?

Contact info + hours

We are super excited that you're here and checking out our products! At Little and Free it is our sincere hope to make your lifeeasier. Rather than "customer service" we call our support team customer champions—because their goal is to act on YOUR behalf! 

Anything we can do to help- just ask! Our customer champions are typically available during regular business hours but if you need something more urgently, please mark your email as URGENT in the subject line. We will always do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Reach out to a customer champion at

Regular business hours: Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST