Our story

Our brand story is rooted in the personal story of our creator—a mom whose first baby was colicky, sleepless and dealt with extremely sensitive skin. While other parents were dressing their babies in precious outfits and snapping pics, this mom was simply trying to keep her baby comfortable. And it was that simple desire—comfort—that led to Little + Free.

As this mom found out, being a parent isn’t easy, and having a baby isn’t always what it’s Instagrammed to be. We love a perfectly timed picture as much as thenext person, but at Little + Free we think life happens in the outtakes.

Our clothes aren’t meant to inspire a picturesque moment, but instead designed to make all the moments between pictures a little easier on you and your kids.
Too often parenting can feel like a #fail, but the best part of being little is being free to play, explore, and make all the blunders along the way. That may not always be picture perfect, but it’s a pretty amazing journey. We’re just here to hopefully make the road a little less bumpy!


100% organic cotton has become the staple of children’s clothing (and for good reason), but in our search for the gentlest fabric possible, we feel like we found something better: Modal!

Modal is a bio-based fabric that is made using pure wooden chips from beech trees and spinning them into luxuriously smooth fibers that create a silky soft product.

  • Why Modal?

    Why Modal?

    Here are a few more reasons why we love Modal!

  • Ultra Soft

    Ultra Soft

    Twice as soft as cotton + luxurious silk-smooth feel

  • Stretchy


    Flexible fabric + wiggle room

  • Breathable


    Light weight + cool and comfortable skin

  • Moisture-wicking


    More absorbent than cotton + less irritation

  • Colorfast


    AZO free dyes + brilliant fade-proof color

  • Shrink Resistant

    Shrink Resistant

    Garments keep their shape + wear for longer

  • Durable


    Resists pilling and shrinking + garments look newer, longer


All aspects of our designs are meant to make baby more comfortable…and parents’ lives easier.

We created a reverse stitch hem design that allows tiny hands, feet and heads to easily slide through without getting stuck, plus the smooth edge (usually found on the outside of a garment for appearance) is inside, against baby’s skin.

A two-button closure on our one-piece bodysuits keeps them on snug but gives parents one less thing to do (it’s the little things, right?)

And while some baby clothing has thick, cuffed fabric at the neck, wrists and ankles that can cause tightness and discomfort, our “be free” design has smooth seams and ultra-stretch. This makes baby extra comfortable and provides more wiggle room between sizes to do what babies do best: grow!

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